Beat the crowds!



1. Shop our Exclusive Wednesday Pre-Sale!​​​​​

Tickets are required for the Pre-Sale. The tickets will be issued at drop-off.

  • 2-4 P.M. - Volunteers who work the Pre-Sale from 4-8 P.M.

  • 3-8 P.M. - Volunteers who work 3 Shifts 

  • 4-8 P.M. - Volunteer who work 1 shift  (4 hours)                         - Consignors who volunteer 2 shifts​                                   *Not only do these consignors get in at 4                         P.M. for working two shifts but they also                         get their consignor fee waived.

Want to get in an hour earlier??  Help us advertise by sharing our Facebook event to your profile and friends groups, take a screen shot, and show it at the door!


Spots are limited.

First come, first serve basis

for shift options.

-Shifts can be worked by different individuals to accumulate the required amount of shifts for the desired entry time.  Ex: Wife works 1 shift, Husband works 1 shift = Entry time: 4 P.M. 


-Different shifts can be combined for desired entry time.  Ex: 1 Check-in shift + 1 Tear Down shift + 1 Open to the public Shift    = Entry time: 3 P.M.


2.Earn 70% Profits! ​​

Consignors: Maximize the time you invest into tagging your items! Receive 70% of the profits by volunteering for at least 1 shift!

3.Consignor Fee Waived!

Volunteer for 2 shifts and have your consignor fee ($10) waived.

*You must register to be a volunteer by creating a login and password, then when you are filling out the information page, TYPE Volunteer in the referral box.   Once you are logged in you can see the volunteer tab on the left side, click it and then choose your desired volunteer time.

Shift types

1. Set Up

Preparing the venue for organization of items to be sold...clothing racks, tables, shelves, signage, etc.

2. Check-In

Quality control...inspection of clothes, shoes, etc. / Placement of items in their respective places.​​

3. Open to the Public/Pre-Sale

You will be doing one of the following:

1. Cashier Helper - taking items off hangers, bagging items and making the check out process as fast as possible.

2. Floor - keeping the sale orderly, helping shoppers, monitoring exits.

3. Hold area - watching items for shoppers while they continue to shop.

4. Pick-UP

You will be doing one of the following:

1. Monitoring Exits

2. Helping Consignors find their items

3. Assisting Owners

5. Pick-Up/Tear Down

You will be doing one of the following: Pick Up until 7pm

1. Monitoring Exits

2. Helping Consignors find their items

3. Assisting Owners Tear Down

4. Breaking down racks/tables, Etc.

  • Volunteers working the Saturday & Sunday shifts will be able to shop the ½ price sale first at 8:00am before we open to the public.