Beat the crowds!



1. Shop our Exclusive Wednesday Pre-Sale!​​​​​

Tickets are required for all the Workers' and Consignor sales. The tickets will be issued at drop-off.

  • 3-8 P.M.

    • 3 Volunteer Shifts - Workers' Sale Early Entrance

  • 4-8 P.M.

    • 2 Volunteer Shifts - Workers' Sale Entrance + Consignor Fee Waived

  • 4-8 P.M.

    • 1 Volunteer Shift - Worker's Sale Entrance


-Shifts can be worked by different individuals to accumulate the required amount of shifts for the desired entry time.  Ex: Wife works 1 shift, Husband works 1 shift = Entry time: 4 P.M. 


-Different shifts can be combined for desired entry time.  Ex: 1 Check-in shift + 1 Tear Down shift + 1 Open to the public Shift    = Entry time: 3 P.M.


2.Earn 70% Profits! ​​

Consignors: Maximize the time you invest into tagging your items! Receive 70% of the profits by volunteering for at least 1 shift!

3.Consignor Fee Waived!

Volunteer for 2 shifts and have your consignor fee ($10) waived.

Shift types

1. Set Up

Preparing the venue for organization of items to be sold...clothing racks, tables, shelves, signage, etc.

2. Check-In

Quality control...inspection of clothes, shoes, etc. / Placement of items in their respective places.​​

3. Open to the Public/Pre-Sale

Taking tags and clothing off hangers at the register and bagging items.  Be on the floor straightening items and helping customers.  "Hold" area individuals to watch items that have been reserved/purchased by shoppers.

4. Sort

Placing unsold items together for consignors to pick-up.

5. Tear Down

Emptying the venue by disassembling racks, stacking tubs, gathering items and placing them in the trailers.

  • Volunteers working the Saturday & Sunday shifts will be able to shop the ½ price sale first at 8:00am before we open to the public.

  • A $25 drawing will be held for volunteers working the Thursday "opening day" shift, Saturday and Sunday sort shift!

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