Recycled Kids sale gives YOU the opportunity to turn your children's unused items, piles and clutter into $$$No more hassles putting on a garage sale. After the sale you may pick up your unsold items and YOUR CHECK and, "voila", you're done! Consignors receive 65% profit.

When you volunteer you receive 70%!

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2021 sale.

Turn your children's unused items, piles & clutter into cash!

It's Easy as 1, 2, 3!

 1. Become

a Consignor

  • Join our hundreds of consignors by creating your own account where you will be able to up-date/modify all your personal information and indicate which sale/s you will participate in. 

  • Pay your $10 consignor fee at drop-off.

  • Become familiar with the guidelines (clearly and simply explained in the links below).

  • Help us spread the word...the more people who shop the more you make!

2. Tag Your


  • Login to your account

  • Click "add items" on the left hand side of the screen

  • Type in your description, price & category and click "add items" at the bottom of the screen

  • Print your tags (on cardstock!)

  • Pin (for clothing or cloth type items) or tape your tag onto your items.

  • Group your items into 2 groups

    • clothing/shoes

    • everything else

3. Drop Off

Your Items

  • Schedule your drop-off time when you register for the sale.

  • Show up promptly.

  • There will be two check-in for clothing/shoes, the other for everything else.

  • All items will be inspected for quality control then you will hang your hang up clothes on the racks.

  • The rest is up to us!

Once you've made an account on the "My Consignment Sale" website, please join our CONSIGNORS ONLY Facebook group for all the best tips for sorting and tagging your items easily!

Recycled Kids Sale is the largest

and best-known sale in the area! 

Sign up here by clicking "Join" when this link takes you to the new tagging system.

Create your consignor number and password and tag away.

 Start reaping the benefits!

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