Recycled Kids sale gives YOU the opportunity to turn your children's unused items, piles and clutter into $$$No more hassles putting on a garage sale. After the sale you may pick up your unsold items and YOUR CHECK and, "voila", you're done! Consignors receive 65% profit.

When you volunteer you receive 70%!

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during our FALL sale 2020.

Turn your children's unused items, piles & clutter into cash!

It's Easy as 1, 2, 3!

 1. Become

a Consignor

  • Join our hundreds of consignors by creating your own profile where you will be able to up-date/modify all your personal information and indicate which sale/s you will participate in. 

  • Pay your $10 consignor fee at drop-off.

  • Become familiar with the guidelines (clearly and simply explained in the links below).

  • Help us spread the word...the more people who shop the more you make!

2. Tag Your


  • Go to our tag template

  • Type in your description, your consignor number and your price then print OR print full sheets of one price and consignor number, then write the description on the tag.

  • Pin (for clothing or cloth type items) or tape your tag onto your items.

  • Group your items into 2 groups *toys/books/equipment  *clothing/shoes

3. Drop Off

Your Items

  • Schedule your drop-off time when you register for the sale.

  • Show up promptly.

  • There will be two check-in for clothing/shoes, the other for everything else.

  • The rest is up to us and our volunteers!

Recycled Kids Sale is the largest

and best-known sale in the area! 

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