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Pick Up

St. Francois County:

Saturday, March 30th, 2024

3-5 P.M.

Get ready, Get set, PICK UP!


To EXPEDITE your pick-up experience and to ENSURE items end up with their correct owners please read and follow our simple instructions:

1. Reserve your Pick-Up time

A reservation is required for Pick-Up.

  • Visit and login. 

  • On the left hand side of the screen, click "Pick Up" and choose a time you want to arrive at the sale to begin your pick-up experience.

  • After 1 P.M. on Saturday print off your "Available Items" from the above website.  These are the items you will be looking for when you come to pick up.

2. YOU will gather your items.

Upon arrival, you will be given entrance to the "sale floor" (the area that contains all the sale items as they were during the "Open to the Public" sale.)  

We will do our best to Pre-Sort the hanging items on the racks in their respective sizes according to consignor number.  Whether or not this is accomplished is dependent upon the number of volunteers we have.

  • Please do not "Pack" your items away as we will check each item for your consignor number. Making the items easily accessible makes your pick-up process go more swiftly.

  • There will be a lost and found area for items that lost their tags. Please check for missing items that might belong to you.

Some tips for gathering:

  • Organize your Available Items list by size (you could use different highlighters to help you in this process)

  • Collect your hang-ups...if the aisles are crowded, collect your non-clothing items first

  • Bring a stroller or wagon to carry your items so you don't have to hold them the whole time.

Reasons for items not located:

  • It's not in its place...while we try our best to have items in their respective places we cannot guarantee this for every item.  

  • Lost its tag...if this is the case please check the lost and found area

  • It has gone missing...RKS follows security measures to minimize items going missing but it cannot be completely avoided as we are not a store and do not have security cameras and personnel checking each person who enters and exits. In comparison, out of the 10,000s of items at our sale, this happens to very few items.

Once you have collected your items:

  • Proceed to the Check line.

  • All items not picked up by 5 P.M. are considered donated!

  • As a courtesy to our consignors we try to save hangers for you and they will be available for you to take home on a first come, first serve basis. 

4. At the check line 

  • Your items will be checked

  • You will be given a check with your proceeds from the sale.

*NOTE: You have 90 Days to cash your check, if after 90 days you have NOT cashed your check it will be voided and the amounts forfeited.


We look forward to chatting with you during this process and would like to hear any feedback you have concerning the sale. We are always striving to make the sale the best that it can be for all involved so that you are able to make the most return for your investment.

Don't want to pick up?

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