Donating: the easy way out!

Can you answer yes to either of the questions below?

  • ​Don't want to bring all the items you just got out of your home back into your home?​

  • Don't want to return to pick up your check?


We've got you covered!

The Answer: DONATE

So how do you donate?

It's so easy! ​Just let us know when you drop off your items and we'll make sure they benefit one of the two organizations below.

*$1 will be added to your consignor fee to cover the cost of the envelope and postage to send your check in the mail*

When you donate you are not only getting out of the hassle of returning to pick up your items and your check; you are also ensuring that your items do not become piles in your home again!  On top of all will be benefiting two entities of those in need:

1. The Pregnancy Resource Center

This organization works with expectant mothers and helps equip them for motherhood with parenting education, supplies, equipment, etc.

Learn more here:


2. Missing Link Missions

This ministry exists to help underprivileged children in the Philippines gain a head start in their education through locally managed Children's Tutorial Programs.  After going through these tutorials at no cost to the children or their families, these children are able to excel where they would have fallen behind and, more than likely, dropped out, thereby adding to the poverty of their country.  Instead, they are thriving by gaining the skills and character to excel in their schooling and become leaders in their communities.  

Learn more here:

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