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It is critical for the success of the sale and for you to receive the greatest return for your investment of time and energy to be very familiar with all the guidelines for the consignor. 
We follow these guidelines closely and have learned the tried and true methods to make the sale a success for all involved.  Thank you!


1. Bar Codes

  • All tags have to be printed using our barcode tag template. You can access it below once you have read through the consignor guidelines and other Consignor related information via the tabs at the bottom of the consignor page.

2. Paper

  • All tags MUST be printed on CARDSTOCK!

*Copy paper is not allowed as it tears thereby hindering sales*


3. Location

Tags must be visible at all times


  • Safety pin your tag onto your clothing item on the upper right  part of your item as you are facing it. 

  • If you are using a tagging gun for clothing please tag your items

    • on the RIGHT side of your item as it faces you 

      • Shirts: in the seam of the garment under the sleeve 

      • Pants: behind the belt loop or just inside the pocket.

      • on the tag with the tag hanging on the outside of your item.       






  • Safety pins (1 inch and larger only), zip ties, packaging tape (just make sure it will not rip off something that is on the items thereby ruining it) are all viable options for securing the tags onto various items. Make sure the tag is safely attached to the inside of bags.  When using bags tape them shut.

  • Straight pins will not be accepted!

Remember: If there is no tag, there is no sale.

-Sample Videos are Below-

4. Clothing and Shoes: 

  • Each consignor is allowed 500 hanging items per consignor number.  Combining more than 1 item on a hanger is counted as 1 hang-up. If you desire to consign more, you may.  

  • Tagging Tips and Tricks of the Trade are found below as well as -Sample Videos-

  • 0-18 mo. onesies, sleepers and gowns MAY NOT be placed in zip lock bags. All clothing items except socks and accessories have to be hung up so that we can inspect them thoroughly. Too many stains/holes are getting through when they are in bags.

5. Grouping 

This is a MUST!​

Once you have your clothing tagged, 

Group Them according to:



-kind (dresses, tops, bottoms, sets, pjs, swimwear or winter...depending on season)

Keep them in these groups until you arrive at drop-off.    Doing this will ensure a faster check-in time for you and others! 

-Sample Videos are Below-

6. Hanging

Hang grouped items on one hanger, with one tag, making sure the hook of the hanger looks like:

Question Mark (?) as it is facing you.


Hanging all items like this enables an easier shopping experience for all our customer which equal better sales as well as making it easier for pick-up!


Make sure zippers, snaps and buttons are closed! Presentation Sells! 

-Sample Videos are Below-

6. Use the Tag Template

Login in to the tagging website and type your descriptions onto your tags add the price, then print.  

All tags MUST have a description

  • Make sure to include the brand name (a definite selling point) and size.

  • Other descriptive wording can include: color, patterns, designs, etc.  

  • In the event that a tag is separated from it's item we are only able to match it with the item if it has a description, thereby enabling the sell.


 -Sample Videos are Below-

7. Pricing

Minimum Price: $2.00

  • Exception: individual books may be priced lower. 


Prices must be in $1.00 and $.50 increments

  • Use yourself as a pricing guideline. Ask yourself, "Would I pay this price for this item?


Changing a price

  • If you need to change the price on an item you cannot cross it out and write the new price on the tag.  The computer will not recognize the writing. You must print a new tag for that item.

1/2 Price Saturday

  • All items are 1/2 price on Saturday!​      

  • Don't want your items to go 1/2 price? 

You will be able to indicate that during the tagging process by checking the proper box.

8. Juniors

We are only accepting Jrs sizes 1-7.

  • Junior clothing is sized in odd numbers.  This is how you know if your item is truly a JRs size.

  •  Do not consign an adult item as a JR item.

  • JR items are only girl items.

  • Be sure to include the JR letters by the size on the tag template for easy identification and placement

9. Seasonal

Fall/Winter sale

  • Coats, jackets, snowsuits, etc are welcomed

Spring/Summer Sale​​

  • Swimsuits, swim gear, etc. are welcomed

Tagging guns are available for purchase on

These tagging guns save so much time and we highly recommend them. You WONT regret the investment!

Tagging Tips & Tricks of the Trade:

Getting Started:

  • Make 3 piles: current season (Summer or Winter clothing) girls, current season boys and out of season items. 


  • Bag up the items that aren't in the current season, label and put them away until the next sale.                                     

  • Take your current season items for girls and put them into size piles. Once in size piles you can match up items that can be sold as one item...


           -bottoms with a top that go well together

           -two to three bottoms

           -two to three tops

           -two sets of outfits, etc.

  • The lowest amount you can put on a tag (except for books) is $2 so make sure your value is at least $2 per grouping or single item.

  • Note: You might want to add a defining mark to your tags which will make pick-up a lost are some ideas: Use a bright colored cardstock for all your items, Tie a colored ribbon or yarn around the top of the hanger, use a certain colorded zip tie, Mark your tag with a certain colored highlighter (don't cover words), etc.

Here are our size divisions:


0-3 mo.

3-6 mo.

6-9 mo.

12 mo.

18 mo.

24 mo.












Jr. 1/XS

Jr. 3/S

Jr. 5/M

NOTE: If you have an item that is 3 month you will tag it as 3 mo. but you will group it with the 0-3s not the 3-6.  This will apply for the other sizes as well.  

*If an item is sized S, M, L, etc. please include the corresponding number size.

*There is not a place for S, M, L on the racks so if they get in the wrong place your item won't be where people will be looking for that size. So, please use numbers and not letters for sizing and grouping.

10. Toys/Books/Equipment/Gaming 

The main thing here is that the tag is securely attached.


  • You can safety pin the tag to the cloth part on strollers, car seats and bouncy chairs, etc. with a 1 inch or larger safety pin. 

  • Use clear 2" packaging tape to completely cover the tag on items that aren't pinned.  A good tip is to tape 2 tags on larger items, one visible and one not visible in the event a tag is lost...this ensures the selling of the item in the event one tag is lost.

Puzzles, Books and Games

  • Saran wrap is a great option!

For puzzles: (not the boxed ones) It keeps all the pieces in place to show that they are all there as well as the image.

For books: It is a great idea to combine books and this is a great way to do it without damaging them.  Another option is zip-loc bags.

Please make sure to include all the titles included on your tag. 

  • Double check to make sure all parts/pieces are present and note on the tag that the item is "Complete" or "has all parts". It is required that all items be complete.  Remember: would you want to purchase an item that was incomplete?

If there is no tag, there is no sale.           



  • Prepare 2 tags - 1 for the case and 1 for the game which will be kept secured at check-out.

If there is no tag, there is no sale. 

If there is no tag, there is no sale.

Make sure your tags are secure.

The following videos are simple ideas of how to organize, hang and tag all of your items for the Recycled Kids Sale.  Let us know if there's something missing or something you'd like to see and we'd be more than happy to add it here!

Tagging How-to Videos

Tagging How-to Videos

Tagging How-to Videos
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How to Tag Clothing

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How to Tag Non-clothing Items
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How to Tag Non-clothing Items

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