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Get the word out!


It is part of the consignor agreement (found on the POS website where you tag your items) to help market the sale. Doing so will bring in hundreds more shoppers enabling you, as a consignor, to make the most sales receiving the most return from your investment of time and effort.

It is simple and easy!


Here is what you do:

1. Like our Facebook page and share our Facebook EVENT on your personal page.

2. Ask your friends and family to:

a. Share it on their page 

b. Like the RKS Facebook page.

c. You can go one step further and ask your friends and family to ask their friends and family to share the event and like the RKS Facebook page.

Here is a sample script you can copy and paste onto the event post that you share on you page:


I am a consignor in this consignment event in April! To help me receive the most return for the efforts I have invested would you please do the following on your personal page? 

1. Like the Recycled Kids Sale Facebook Page

2. Share the EVENT (not the post) of the Consignment sale

  • Here is the link to the Event: 


Thanks so much for helping me to be successful in this sale!

AS a consignor we ask you do this at least 2 times per sale.

1st time: ASAP

2nd time: week of the sale

In addition to this take advantage of sharing all the great information that will be shared on the Facebook page between now and the sale by sharing the various posts we will be posting on the Recycled Kids - St. Charles County Facebook page on a regular basis.

Par our research we found this is the most efficient way to reach thousands of people with the least amount of effort.  It is called, "Organic Reach." It doesn't work unless the event is shared on your page and then your friends and family share the event (not just your post) on their page and like the RKS page.


The possibilities for large numbers at the sale are guaranteed if this is done, which means, greater sales for all consignors and the potential for more consignors to join the team!! 

It doesn't take much effort to do so but can make a huge difference in the success of the sale!

Here are few other great group ideas to share the event in on Facebook:

-Mom's groups

-Play date groups

-Virtual School Bulletin Boards

-Bible Study Groups

-Home School Groups

-Community Groups

-Buy, Sale, Trade groups

-"What's happening in..." groups, etc.

And go!

What if I don't have Facebook?  

You can help by sharing the Event via word of mouth and passing out/post flyers around your neighborhood and community...

-All the above places


-Gas Stations

-Grocery Stores

-School Events

  • pass them out at your kids sports practices,

  • ballet practices

  • share it on the school's online events calendar

  • etc.

-Community papers

-City Hall




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