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About Us

Hello, everyone! We are the Sell-Flickin-Strings!

This is what we have come to refer to ourselves as we are all related but have different last names. The Sellers, Flickingers and Stringhams. Please allow us to introduce ourselves...


Prissy Sellers

Priscilla (everyone calls her Prissy) grew

up as a military kid in Germany, Japan and the US. She then married and and became a minister's wife. Together, the late Dale and Prissy had 4 children: Matthew, Holly, Hope and Sean. In 1991, they took their family to the Philippines to become missionaries and spent the next 12 years ministering and loving the Filipino people. Since then, Prissy continues to return to the Philippines once a year for two months to continue the work. She enjoys being with her family, her 16 grandchildren and serving those in need.

The Flickinger Family

John, Holly, Joshua, Gracie, Josiah,

Joseph, Phoebe, Ruthie, Naomi & Lily


John owns and runs his own lawn care business:

GoGoMow, LLC.   

He and Holly enjoy educating their children at home and have had many interests over the years including skiing, scuba diving, hiking, swimming, sports, family ministry, song leading workshops, speaking engagements, etc. The family also participates in Philippine missions. The Flickingers have benefited greatly from Recycled Kids sales over the past several years since their oldest They are excited they will continue to benefit from the

sale for the needs of their children. They have volunteered and consigned in the sale on 

a consistent basis.


The Stringham Family

Chris, Hope, Amelia, Eli and Faithlyn

Hope and Chris also educate

their children at home, enabling them to be available to help others in any way they can. They are involved in catering and serving others, and also participate in Philippine missions on a regular basis. The Stringhams continue to consign which enables them to benefit from Recycled Kids sales 

and have consistently volunteered

at each sale.

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